Our debt relief program works, here’s why.

The general structure of most debt settlement programs is similar, but this can make it difficult to stand out from the crowd. When it comes to choosing a debt relief program, we always encourage people to do their homework on both the company and the type of program they’re offering. Debt settlement is not for everyone, a variety of factors can disqualify you from being eligible, but speaking to a certified debt consultant is the best way to find out.

Complete a free, no obligation debt consultation with one of our certified specialists.

Our certified debt consultant will review your debt with you, along with your current financial situation. This consultation is necessary for us to determine if we can help you, and review the options you have for your debt.

If you do qualify, our consultant will review your budget, cost of living, and other expenses, taking all into consideration to determine a single, manageable monthly payment amount. The best part about this single payment, no interest rate!

Our consultants will also guide you through the process of handling collection calls, legal letters, and other actions creditors can take to intimidate consumers. We don’t enroll anyone over the phone. Unlike most companies in this industry, we insist people take time to research our company, credentials and reviews after the initial consultation.

Begin making your monthly, interest free payment to your new FDIC insured dedicated account.

Once enrolled in our debt relief program, you’ll begin making a single monthly payment to an FDIC-insured dedicated account.  This payment amount was determined during your debt consultation, but you can certainly adjust it as needed based on your budget. Don’t forget, this payment doesn’t include any interest, so everything you deposit is used to pay down your debt.

The payments you’re making into your new savings account will need some time to build. Remember, our negotiators are experts at knowing the right time, and amount to settle for. When funds have built enough, we begin the settlement process with each of your creditors. You’ll have an expert in the industry working fo you throughout the entire process.

We negotiate your debts directly with your creditors for the best savings.

The key to successful debt settlement is knowing when to settle, and when to negotiate. Our debt negotiators are some of the top in the business, and know each creditors “sweet spot” for accepting a settlement. They use this information to get you the biggest savings on your original debt amount, in the shortest amount of time.

Settling debt is a business of timing, as the creditors are eager to settle their outstanding unsecured debts. Don’t forget, a large portion of what you’re paying your creditors monthly is going to interest, also known as profit for the creditor.

When the timing is correct, and funds are available, our settlement team takes action. Don’t worry, we never agree to a settlement without our clients full