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‘Tis the season for holiday credit card overspending.

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Holiday spending and credit cards go hand in hand, and that’s a problem. In 2021, more than half of Americans will go further in debt this holiday season. In fact, credit card debt grew by an astonishing $23.6 billion in Q3 alone. Keep in mind, credit card debt is not…

Do You Know The Real Cost Of Debt?

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There's how much debt you have, and there's the real cost of debt. Do you know the real cost of debt? Or, more specifically, do you know what it costs to be in debt? Most people can’t answer this question accurately. You may think you know how much your debt…
What is the average credit card debt?

How do you stack up to the average credit card debt?

| Consumer Credit, Credit Cards, Credit Score, Debt Relief Programs, Financial Advice, Financial Tips, Personal Finance | No Comments
What is credit card debt? Americans have several different types of debt, beyond credit card debt, which includes mortgages, auto loans, and student loans. All are totaling up to an average debt per household of $132,529. Besides standard credit card debt, like an everyday credit card, consumer finance accounts also…
What does it mean to be debt free?

What Does it Really Mean to Be Debt Free?

| Buying Power, Debt Relief Programs, Debt Settlement, Financial Advice, Financial Tips, Get Out of Debt, Personal Finance | No Comments
Being debt free doesn’t always mean having no debt. For most of us, debt is inescapable. It’s the sole reason why we can move into the house of our dreams, or rev up the operations of our own business.  However, debt is often an angel in disguise; it can provide…