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How do creditors and collectors find debtors?

How Do Creditors Find You? The Tricks of the Collections Industry.

| Collections, Debt Relief Programs, Debt Settlement, Financial Advice, Financial Tips, Get Out of Debt, Unsecured Debt | No Comments
I changed my contact information, how do creditors find me? In today's digital age, creditors and collectors are increasingly turning to sophisticated technologies to locate debtors and collect unpaid debts. With advancements in skip tracing software, automated dialing systems, location tracking tools, and social media monitoring, these collection agencies are…
Can't get approved for a loan?

Can’t get approved for a loan? You’re not alone.

| Buying Power, Credit Cards, Financial Advice, Financial Tips, Money Management, Personal Finance, Unsecured Debt | No Comments
The Basics:  Why You Can’t Get Approved For a Loan or Line of Credit Being rejected for a loan can leave you feeling defeated, embarrassed, and sometimes even confused. This is especially true if you have a good credit score, a high income, or other positive financial attributes. Why wouldn’t…
Everything you need to know about a vehicle repossession.

Vehicle Repossession | Everything You Need To Know.

| Collections, Debt Relief Programs, Debt Settlement, Financial Advice, Financial Tips, Personal Finance, repossession | No Comments
If you're going through a vehicle repossession, it can be an overwhelming and emotional time. But it's important to understand the process and take steps to prevent it from happening, or take the necessary actions if it does. Remember, you're not alone in this situation. With the right steps, you…
How to calculate your debt-to-income ratio.

Debt-to-Income: Is it as important as a credit score?

| Budget, Buying Power, credit, Debt Relief Programs, Financial Advice, Financial Tips, Get Out of Debt, Personal Finance, Unsecured Debt | No Comments
What is debt-to-income, and how do I calculate it? Debt-to-income (DTI) ratio is a financial metric that compares an individual's total monthly debt payments to their gross monthly income. It is used to evaluate an individual's ability to manage their debt and is an important factor that lenders consider when…